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The Handwritten Collective is a business producing inspiring home decor prints and designs. 

We knew The Handwritten Collective from its beginning which meant we’ve had the joy of helping it get off the ground. Our initial package of work with Mikayla included her branding, the construction and launch of her eCommerce website, promotional photography and compilation of social media content.

For The Handwritten Collective, we wanted to create a brand identity through the use of colours, imagery and aesthetics. It was important for the brand to creatively reach their target audience as it is a niche market. We achieved this by evaluating the direct channels that the target audience use such as social media and certain online stores. With this, the brand was successfully launched and is loved by its audience.

Like with children, it’s important that brands get a good start in life which is what we like to think we’ve achieved in our work with The Handwritten Collective. By working closely with Mikayla we managed to successfully target her brand to the market she was trying to tap into. And in a world where the competition isn’t just local but is global, it’s important that your online presence is of a standard which can compete.

“It was such an easy experience working with Nick M and Nick H from Notam Development. There is enough to think about when you’re trying to launch a business so it was really nice to know my online platform was being taken care of by people who I knew could deliver the quality I wanted.” 

Mikayla (Owner, The Handwritten Collective)

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