What We Do

We offer a range of business services for the development of your brand. Knowing that each business has different needs, we develop something tailor-made. From marketing, website design, graphic design or even professional writing, we aren’t just looking to sell you a blanket template to fill a quota or meet a KPI, we want to understand how you do business and from there be able to offer you ways to take it to the next level. The emphasis is always on giving you solutions that work for your business, and while we have a range of standard services, we’re always happy to look outside the box for that one that is unique to you.


Content Creation

Do you struggle to think of what to put on your latest ad or promotional flyer? Notam would be more than happy to help you with that. With experience in producing graphic design for all channels of marketing, our team knows how to work with you to deliver a picture-perfect result.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

With so many websites on the internet, it is important that when someone searches for what you offer, your website shows up first. No one wants to be scrolling through websites to find what they are after, nor do many go past the first few search engine results. Let us optimise your online presence through our experience in SEO so your business can be seen.

Marketing Strategy

We all know the adage “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”, well here at Notam we love to plan. Whether your business has a big event coming up, new product to launch, seasonal campaign or just want to spread some good news, we can construct a strategy for you.

Professional Writing

Know what you want to say but not quite sure how to say it? Let us do the heavy lifting, or should we say typing, for you. We love to craft words into clear and intentional sentences that communicate your message. This can take many forms, from website text to internal and external document writing, if its made of words, we can help.

Business Consulting

Our vision is to see businesses be the best they can be and reach their goals. However, it can be difficult to know how to reach these goals and even how to reach customers. To help with this, we offer business consulting through a range of channels such as goal setting, sales, marketing solutions, business planning, mentoring and more. Ask how we can help you today.

Website Development

Websites have become the modern day shopfront of all businesses. It allows access to any business from all over the world. Someone could live in the middle of the outback and run a multi-billion dollar company because of their website. Dream big, hey? With that much opportunity, why not have a professional website? We will build you a professional website whether it be a single page to a full eCommerce site.


Don’t restrict your products to bricks and mortar stores. Most people want to be able to see, purchase and review products through their shopping experience. Increase your commerce potential today by allowing us to work with you to build the online facilities to provide this opportunity for your customers 24/7.


We hate stock images. Don’t settle for bad quality, irrelevant pictures that makes your business look unprofessional. We want to equip you with high quality and unique images that represents your business. Whether it’s photography from the sky, photos of your premises and staff, to capturing one-on-one mentoring, talk with us to see how we can creatively capture your expertise.


We love telling stories, especially ones that you can see. Whether it’s the story of how something came to be, a formal interview, or even the opportunities of what something can be, allow us to tell the story through creating a professional video. With our experience in cinema commercials, wedding videography, filming interviews and more, connect and to tell us your story today.

Social Media Strategy

A vast portion of the marketplace today is in the online world. It never sleeps, it is on-demand, and its where to interact with customers when and where they’re looking to purchase. Facebook alone had 2.41 billion active users last quarter. While we can’t guarantee you 2.41 billion hits, we can help you to engage with your audience in a positive way. Let us help you to strategise and build a plan for the way you engage online.

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