Website Rebuild | Photography

JJ’s Bag Boutique is a fashion retailer with a focus on bags but also carries clothing and jewellery ranges. Their main trade is through a main street shop frontage.


We have known the team at JJ’s for a long time so when it came time for them to recreate their website we couldn’t wait to get our teeth into it. They had a website that they had constructed a few years back but hadn’t kept updated and so had become out of step with what was happening instore. 


Our work focused on redesigning their website so that it works for the shop as an active online presence. This involved updating the backend and providing training to them so that they can run it actively themselves. We also photographed over 80 pieces of stock for the website so that their preferred ranges are represented. The major part of this work was to ensure that the business owner could do all of this for themselves ongoing unlike what had previously taken place.


Our work at JJ’s was a classic example of what happens in too many businesses, they create a website because its a good idea but then it gets left and forgotten about. We have to remember as business owners that if we want the online store to succeed as much as the physical one, we need to put the effort in regularly to make sure that the stock is right, that it’s looking fresh and in season. Put simply you need to give people a reason to come back to it more than once.

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