Branding and graphic design

Haleness Kombucha


Haleness is a business that brews a range of kombucha and kefir beverages on the Fleurieu Peninsula.


We were able to be apart of their journey just as they were starting up. We were able to help Jesse through the creative process of designing his logo as well as business cards. This design was created to stand out to Haleness Kombucha’s target audience, cafe and restaurant owners, thus providing a clear professional brand image was important.


Even the smallest touches done well can make all the difference when starting out on your business journey. When you think about logo design, its a massive decision that you need to make a call on early and if done well is something you carry with you long into the future. No job is too small for us to assist you with.


“Nick was a huge help to me when starting Haleness. While I can brew a great Kombucha, marketing/logo/brand stuff is just gibberish to me. I would absolutely recommend Notam to others who similarly are great at their trade but unsure about the rest.”

Jesse (Owner, Haleness Kombucha Beverages)


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