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graphic design

GM Music is the brand of Guy Mansbridge, a music teacher based on the Fleurieu Peninsula. 


We loved the experience we had of working with Guy on his business. When we first sat down together we had the opportunity to dive deep and look at Guy’s goals and motivations for his business. Out of this conversation we were able to return to Guy with a series of proposals of how we could help him achieve the goals he had for GM Music. These included some simple graphic design proposals, business documentation solutions and suggested updates to his digital presences. We also provided a list of future projects for him to consider.


Guy works with students to teach a variety of instruments in a fun, dynamic way, with a vision to teach in a way to suit anyone’s learning style. To reflect this vision, we developed an informative poster with clear and simple branding elements. We also delivered a series of edits to his website which had grown a little tired over the passage of time. We were also able to help him out with the compilation of some business documents that meant this wasn’t something he had to worry about and aided in the manner of his professional presentation.


It was through the process of coming alongside Guy and getting to know him and his business that we were able to deliver such tailored solutions to his needs. Leaving both GM Music and Notam better for having worked with one another.

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