Cinema Commercial | Videography

Encounter Lutheran College is a R-12 college located in Victor Harbor. 


We worked with Encounter to create a short cinema commercial to promote the college locally. In our initial meeting with them we discussed what they wanted from this and the response was clear, make a short commercial that still managed to capture the key values of the college, “Looks like school, feels like home…”.


Through a process of designing a brief, shooting and editing the footage, to meeting and discussing the finalised edit, we were able to bring the college along with us each step of the journey. This collaborative approach helped deliver an outcome that effectively displayed the college through the commercial.


An added bonus to the college was that the high grade video footage could also be integrated into their websites cover page as well. This has added to bringing the college to life for those visiting the website for the first time. We love wins like this where we can get the best results out of the resources you’re investing.

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