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chitchat gifts news agency

Chit Chat Gifts is a Victor Harbor based business that was once a traditional newsagency but has been successfully transitioning into the gifts space.


The team at Chit Chat approached us seeking ideas on how they could drive more traffic through their online store. They had a website but it wasn’t getting the traction they had been hoping for so they were open to new ideas on how to make it work. We sat down with them and went through the process of identifying key customer demographics and developed a campaign from there.


All of our ideas for them were focused on helping Chit Chat launch their new giftware website. Focusing on things that would lead to the effective conversion of sales and increase repeat visitation, we delivered a series of updates and marketing practices that will launch their website well. These updates, in turn, will mean that the pivot that Chit Chat is making into the online gifts space will have its best chance of success and keep this business competitive in an ever-changing marketplace.


Change and adaptation are sometimes very difficult for businesses to manage. It can seem daunting and very unknown, but it is inevitable and if it is to be done well you have to be in the driver’s seat. The team at Chit Chat were certainly taking charge but they just needed some help to point them in the right direction. Don’t be afraid to embrace change and get help from professionals to guide you in making it a success.

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